12 Questions To Ask Your Homebuilder

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12 Questions To Ask Your Homebuilder


  1. Do you have three or more years homebuilding experience?
  2. Have you passed a building contractor’s exam?
  3. Can you provide 14 written references including financial institution, home owners, trade contractors, material suppliers and other CPHBs?
  4. Do you maintain appropriate insurance coverage including builder’s risk, general liability and other insurances as required by law, such as worker’s compensation?
  5. Do you build to performance standards set forth in the Homeowner Handbookor an equivalent?
  6. Do you offer an approved limited warranty?
  7. Is your main source of income from homebuilding?
  8. Do you complete 16 hours of continuing education annually?
  9. Do you offer mandatory binding arbitration and abide by The Housing Institute’s dispute resolution process?
  10. Do you allow home inspections?
  11. Are you a member of your local home builders association and abide by the National Association of Home Builders’ Code of Ethics?
  12. Are you a Certified Professional Home Builder?
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