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has been a respected builder in North Georgia since 1988, when it was founded by company President, Jim Combs. Appalachian Contracting has the experience and ability to guide your project from design to dream come true, whether it be residential, light commercial, remodeling, or an addition. 

Certified Green Builder

 We strive to incorporate environmental considerations and resource efficiency into the entire building and development process to minimize the environmental impact. The design, construction, and operation of a Green home focuses on energy and water efficiency. 

Resource efficient building design and materials and indoor environmental quality reduce the home’s overall impact on the environment.

Selecting a Contractor

A contractor is part craftsman, part businessman, and part magician.

As the person who will transform your dreams and drawings into a finished house, he will be responsible for the final cost of the structure, for the quality of the workmanship, and for all the solving of problems that occur quite naturally in the course of the construction. Choose him as carefully as you would a business partner, because for the next several months that will be his role in your life.

To find a reliable contractor, start by asking friends who have built homes for their recommendations. Check with local lumber yards and building supply outlets for names of possible candidates. Once you have several potential candidates in mind, review each one closely. Ask for bank references and for references of previous clients. Inquire with the local Chamber of Commerce about the history of the contractor. What kind of warranty does the contractor give on his work? Talk to each of the candidates about fees. Most work on a “cost plus” basis.

… the most important consideration may not be money at all. How easily can you talk with a contractor and whether or not he inspires confidence are very important considerations.

– Encyclopedia of Home Design

Home Planners, Inc.

Jim Combs

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